The Will of the People?

Elrond Facepalm

The President made some recess appointments. This has the Senate pissed off because they claim they aren’t in recess and so Obama is doing and end-run around the Constitution and subverting the “Will of the People”.

Let’s get a few things straight.

  1. The Senate IS in recess. They keep coming in for “pro-forma” sessions – literally gaveling in and gaveling out and going home – for exactly one reason. That way they can claim they aren’t in recess and then the President can’t make recess appointments. Stop insulting my intelligence. I know exactly why you are doing this and every American with a brain should to. You are the ones mocking the Constitution and the people. We don’t like being mocked.
  2. How the hell can the Senate leadership claim to know the “Will of the People”? Let’s be honest, the majority of Americans don’t vote. And most of our current elected officials were supported by barely 50% of that small population that bothered to cast a ballot. So, in reality, they represent, at most, a quarter of Americans. So quit insulting us by saying you are doing the “Will of the People”. Its bullshit.
  3. So who’s “will” are they really doing? Their financial backers, of course. Their first goal every session is to get re-elected to another session. Hell, if I made $174,000 a year I might care that much too. And what’s the best way to get re-elected? Have the biggest war chest. Money buys votes, we all know that. And the President is doing something the Senate leaders’ financial backers don’t want him to do. So they’re doing their damnedest to stop him. Even mocking our Constitution with this dog-and-pony-show of pro-forma sessions.

In short, quit trying to claim you’re doing our “will” and just get back to doing your job, to the best of your obviously meagre ability.


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