Pay to read services. WTF people?

Seriouslyness. New word. Live with it.

I digress (yes, already).  On point…

Two of my favourite sites for “news” and entertainment have recently started charging for online content.

Look. I get it. Running a site costs money. You need to pay employees, operational expenses exist, and a profit is necessary.

But there’s a better way.

When your site is already loaded with adverts for Diablo III, Cialis, and Geiko Insurance, don’t charge me to see that bullshit.

If you’re dead set on a paid service on the internet, it had better be ad-free, or I’m going to be entertained elsewhere.

But adding insult to injury by shoving ads down my gullet after I already handed you some coin, is just… Well… Retarded.

Yes. Retarded.

Like public erection, sweatpants and fanny-packs, fucking retarded.


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