POLITIFICTION.COM is a news source. Nothing more. We post articles from credible, and semi-credible sources, and offer our own (sometimes fictional) commentary on the matter. There are opinion pieces, photo-journals, comics, but mostly just random political shit we find on the Interwhebs.

People take their belief in politics far too seriously. We don’t. While we recognize it is important to participate in the democratic process, the inclusion of lobbyists and finance in politics has corrupted the system to the point where it’s a joke. BUT, because nothing is likely to change soon, we hope to spread our word on all sides of the table to show the world’s political leaders how real people view the bullshit they do and say.

Nearly all images and captions therein are done by myself, Mr.S. Each article’s content is sole responsibility of the author. I am Canadian, and maintain a completely unbiased position towards any side, party, or agenda. It’s all for shits and giggles.

If you feel one side or opinion is expressed more vocally than another, you are welcome to submit content for publishing yourself. Email info@politifiction.com fore more information.


Be you Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Labour, Extremist, or Centrist – we hope you get something out of this site. If only entertainment.